Monthly Archives: January 2013

Why I love India

I have lived in Germany for 30 years. I also have travelled in almost 40 countries in Europe, America, North Africa and Asia before coming to India. Yet, of all the countries I visited, I clearly love India the most. I once even dreamt that in front of me there was a thick, 3-dimensional map […]

Thank you, Swami Vivekananda

I had not come to India for spiritual reasons. Yes, I was interested in spirituality, but Hinduism seemed an obscure religion and I associated stereotypes like polytheism and caste system that I had heard already in school in Germany. Like many westerners, I was interested in Buddhism, but did not connect Buddhism with India, rather […]

Difference between India and China

Recently, I spent time with my mother in Germany. She lives in a small town near Nuremberg with only some 6000 inhabitants. I was missing India.  Reading newspapers and watching news on TV, it seemed as if there was no India. Yet when I met people and mentioned that I live in India, all were […]

Education in India – Part 2, How to improve it

 “I read your article on education in India”, a friend told me, “but there should be a follow up. It should be discussed in public and reach the officials concerned. Education in Indian schools has to change,” he stressed. He is, so to speak, an aggrieved party. Together with his wife he started coaching the […]