Monthly Archives: December 2021

Draft for a Petition to the United Nations

Introduction: Something incredible happens since quite some time: Tigers claim with a lot of media and ‘academic’ support that deer are eating up tigers. And the deer only say, “No, it’s not true” but do not give proof that they are vegetarians while tigers killed and ate already millions of deer. The attacks on Hindus […]

Hinduism versus Hindutva?

It is becoming a fashion to declare Hindutva as bad and Hinduism as good, mostly by people who don’t know from own experience what it means to be a Hindu, like recently Rahul Gandhi or before him Salman Kurshid. Yet there are also people with Hindu names who endorse this view. A few days ago, […]

Meeting with an educated Hindu who had converted to Christianity

This is a true story about a Hindu who had converted to Christianity, and who felt the need to convince his family also to convert. Once on a flight from Germany to India, one of those bright, young Indians sat across the aisle. We started talking. He was a science lecturer at an American university. […]